How to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic

Everybody talks about using Facebook and Pinterest to build referral traffic—but what about StumbleUpon? In 2011, Forbes published findings that StumbleUpon had surpassed even Facebook as a source of social media traffic in the United States. While statistics change over time, one thing is certain: StumbleUpon is not a bookmarking site to overlook. So what do you need to know about this tool? How can using StumbleUpon build traffic on your website? Here are three steps and a few general guidelines to use StumbleUpon to increase website traffic…

Three Steps to Getting Started With StumbleUpon

If the idea of using StumbleUpon feels new to you, take heart: It’s not difficult. Here are three simple steps to begin using the site.

How to Set Up a StumbleUpon Account

Step One: Set Up a StumbleUpon Profile & Connect with Others:-

To use StumbleUpon, you need to set up an account. Go to, and click “Join for free” at the top right corner. Once logged in, you have options to set up a profile, link social accounts on Twitter or Facebook, and name your favorite topic areas. Because this is a social network, you may also connect with other users. Follow individuals with whom you have relationships on other networks; follow anyone who stumbles content you like. Over time, as you interact with these StumbleUpon users, you will strengthen your connections.

Step Two: Use StumbleUpon to Scroll the Web:-

Make the most of StumbleUpon by using it regularly. Click the “Stumble” button to scroll through content other users have bookmarked on the network.

Like, Dislike and Stumble Pages on StumbleUpon

When you like a page, click the “thumbs up” button; when you dislike a page, click the “thumbs down” button.

Step Three: Share Your Own Content:-

Part of using StumbleUpon is making discoveries of your own.

Add the StumbleUpon Button to Your Browser

Go to add the “StumbleUpon” button to your browser. Then, when you come across blog posts or infographics you like, use the StumbleUpon button to like them on the network. This is also how you begin promoting your own content. Along with the content you share, highlight your own posts and photos, too.

4 Quick Tips to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic

Once you set up your StumbleUpon account and begin using it regularly, what should you keep in mind? What general principles ought to guide your activity? Here’s a look…

1. Invest Consistent Time:-

To see the best results from StumbleUpon, use it regularly. Rather than logging in once a month, try to dedicate regular time to scroll through and submit content.

2. Add Stumble Buttons to Your Website:-

Another way to help your site gain exposure on StumbleUpon is to make it easy for your existing readers to promote it. Add buttons to your website that invite visitors to stumble your stuff. When they do, they promote your brand to a wider audience and help bring you new traffic.

Add the StumbleUpon Button To Your Website

Taking this step can play a key role in driving more website traffic, as a study by BrightEdge Technologies shows that sites with social share buttons received seven times more shares than those without.

Websites With Social Share Buttons Receive More Shares

So add the button to either the top or bottom of web pages and blog posts. For better results you could add it to the top and the bottom.

3. Build Community:-

Follow back the people who follow you on Stumble Upon. Follow friends when you find them. Go to to discover users with similar interests and follow them, too.

4. Share Content with Your Followers:-

When you’re scrolling through content on StumbleUpon, the top menu bar gives you ways to share what you’re viewing. When you want to promote your pages, therefore, click the button at the top left that says “Share this page with anyone, including through Twitter or LinkedIn.”

Share StumbleUpon Pages on Other Social Media

This is a powerful way to promote your stuff—Just be careful not to over-share, or you’ll annoy your connections and lose followers.

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