Through the Global Entrepreneur Program, Together for Safer Roads is connecting early-stage companies with road safety experts at multinational companies and universities to reimagine solutions that reduce crashes and fatalities on the world’s roads.

The program enables companies to:

  • Accelerate adoption of technologies that save lives
  • Tap into a global network of private sector leaders in road safety
  • Participate in innovative public-private partnerships
  • Influence the public-private sectors dialogue on road safety tech
  • Enhance brand recognition and social responsibility programs

Global Entrepreneur Program Members

As a connector for global-minded companies and private sector influencers, the Global Entrepreneur Program encourages early-stage companies to advance innovative solutions that improve road safety, becoming an important accelerator for their growth and social impact.

  • HAAS Alert is a Cellular V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Safety Cloud™ and smart communities data service provider keeping emergency crews, drivers, and the public safe through R2V™ (Responder-to-Vehicle) communication that alerts motorists in real-time when emergency responders are in the vicinity or en route to a call.


  • Ouster has developed a collision avoidance technology called FleetGuide designed to maximize safety and productivity in fleets. The system’s sensors detect oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other safety threats outside of commercial vehicles, and alert drivers to avoid them with real-time warnings and driver retraining.


  • Zendrive uses mobile phone data and machine learning to identify high-risk driver behavior before a crash occurs. Utilizing the sensors in smartphones, the behavioral data provides actionable insights that improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide. Zendrive has measured more than 45 billion miles of driving behavior.


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