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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cheap Data Plans for Android, iPhone, iPad and PC in Nigeria


One of the rampant issues faced by most Android phone users and iOS users is the issue of cheap data plans for their smartphone, to get an affordable data bundle that will sustain you through internet browsing, chatting, downloads and the likes is a big deal if you are using Android phone, iPhone or iPad simply because of how much they deduct MB. Gone are those days of java phone where data plan is cheap and also a little megabyte will do you, reverse is the case when it comes to Android, iPhone and iPad.
Blackberry users enjoys cheap data plan on their blackberry phones but unfortunately enough, most of these data bundles does not work for android phone and iOS phones at least without tweaking, this is really frustrating and seems unfair to Android and iOS users. Some network provider offers cheap data plan for Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, twitter and the likes for Android and iOS, but how manage will you be restricted to just one app, i guess this is not for every people, not for dynamic users.

In case you don’t know, the first blackberry phone running on Android OS is announced, Blackberry Priv
In this article am going to share with you the cheapest, most affordable and best data bundles you can use on your computer, android phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone and other smartphone.

Cheapest Data Plan for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


These data bundles am about to share, they are the best affordable data plan in Nigeria right now and I have used it and still using most of them.

Cheapest Mtn Data Plan for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


Mtn Night Plan 4.5GB for #2,500

Hey, don’t panic yet, is not only for midnight browsing, when you subscribe for mtn night plan, you would be given 3GB for night browsing and extra 1.5GB for daylight browsing totaling 4.5G for just #2500. Am using this mtn data plan on my android phone and believe me I have not for once regret using it. To activate mtn night data plan, load #2,500 then send 102 to 131. Or simply dial *123# and follow the commands in this order data services > My data plans > Night plan and select 4.5GBbnight @ 2500NGN
You can use mtn night plan for Android, iPhone, iPad and your PC. To use it on your laptop, subscribe for this plan on a phone and just turn on your phone hotspot and connect your PC to it.

Mtn 1GB for #1000

This plan works on all mobile phones and modem, in short any device using sim card, to opt in for this, visit any Mtn outlets or office and request for Mtn data, you can also get 2GB for #1800.
Mtn 2GB for #2,000
2GB at NGN2,000 data bundle plan. To activate, send “SPB” to “131″.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plan for PC, Android, iPhone or iPad in Nigeria


Airtel Blackberry Plan 2GB for #1500

This Airtel plan is another cheap data plan you can use, it works for Android, iPhone, and iPad, no tweaking. To subscribe to this plan load N1,500 and dial *440*16# or simply send Bbum to 440. To use this on your computer, follows the same step I mentioned in mtn night plan.

Cheapest Glo Data Plans for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


Glo 3GB Blackberry Plan for #1000

This is one of cheapest unlimited data plan you can use. Don’t be surprise this works on Android phone CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW, it involves some little tricks, to use this glo bis plan,
Get a blackberry phone and insert your Glo SIM, load #1,000 and send comonth to 777, now wait for a message from Glo to confirm your subscription to the monthly blackberry plan, after that remove the battery and insert it again. You can now remove your SIM card from the blackberry device once the plan is activated. To use it for any non-blackberry device, go to phone network settings, create new access point names and set the apn to “”. Now you can start using it.
Another way to do this is to change your phone imei no to that of blackberry, you wouldn’t need a blackberry phone again, you just have to create new apn and that’s all.
Glo 1GB for #1,000.
It works for all device. To activate the 1GB at NGN1,000 data bundle plan, send “53” as a text message to “127”

Cheapest Etialat Data Plan for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


Etislat 2GB for #2,000
This Cheap Etisalat data plan works on Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC. To activate, dial; *229*2*8#. To check your data balance, dial *228#

I believe you will surely find a cheap data plan that will suit you, don’t forget to share this with your friends on facebook, twitter and google+, you don’t know who might need it.

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