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Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 Latest Cheap Data Plans And Subscription Codes for All Networks

 The unveiling of various smartphones with awesome features is great but on the other hand they increase our demand for data causing us to spend more especially in a country like Nigeria where capitalist telecommunication companies are always on the move to rip off individuals with their high data costs. Thankfully though, the existence of more than one telecommunication company in Nigeria makes room for competition where each network try to go as low as possible in terms of data plans just to get our attention. Today I’m going to give you the updated data plans and their subscription codes for the major networks in Nigeria, I.e, MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT. These plans work on all devices so let’s go there!

meanwhile we are enjoying all the Goodies that Etisalat chat pack has for us...



* For 2GB: Send “SPB to 131″ in a text message. It will cost
you N2,000 and will last for a complete one month.
* 4.5 GB day & Night: 30days, cost N2,500, Text ”120 to
131” in a message.
* 4.5GB: 1 Month, N2,500, To activate: Text ‘102 to 131’.
(Shared for Night & Day. i.e, 2.5GB day time, the remaining
2GB for night hours; 9pm to 9am).
* 2,015MB (2GB), @N2,015, 30days. Text ‘SPB to 131’.


* For 1GB: Simply Dial *229*10*10# and will cost you
N500 | It will last for 24 hours. I simple rates this plan as
an emergency plan.
* For 1GB: Dial *5995*2#, cost N1,000. Last for 3 Days
(Week Ends).
* For 2GB: Dial; *229*2*8#, Cost N2,000, Validity: 30days.
* 1GB: dial *229*2*7#, N1,000, Validity: 30days. (Note: If it
selects your Etisalat SIM, simply use an INFINIX Hotnote
Android mobile to activate it with the desired SIM Card).


* For 3GB: Send “COMONTH to 777” in a text message.
Cost N1,000 for a whole one month or dial *777*21#.
(Note: This process will only work on your android phone if
you had rooted + tweak your mobile phone into a Black
berry serial number before it will work for you. see procedure here)
*For heavy Internet Users:
* Text, 11 for 12GB @ N5,000
* 12 for 24GB @ N8,000
* 15 for 33GB @ N10,000
* 16 for 51GB @ N15,000
* 17 for 63GB @ N18,000
* 54 for 4.5GB @ N3,000
* 55 for 2.5GB @ N2,000
* 58 for 4.5GB @ N2,500 send all the above ‘codes’ to 127.
Or dial *127*(Code above)# and so on. And finally for help
on that ‘send info to 127’ in a text message.
* For 1,200MB (1.2GB): dial; *777#, enter 1, after that
choose one (1) again, then press 2 and lastly choose 1.
Valid for 30 days. or simply dial; *777# send to begin.


* For 3GB: Dial *440*16# cost N1,500 and will last for
* For 4GB: Dial *440*161# Cost N2,000 and will last you
for 1 month.
* For 9GB: Dial *438*1# Cost N3,500, Valid: for 30days.
* N1,000, 1GB, 30days, dial *496#.
* Opera-Mini Plan: 1 month, 260MB, N300, to activate: dial
*885*1#, Data Bal; *885*0#
  (Note: Works on all Apps
especially on Android OS, but not sure on Windows mobile.)

This plan is rated as one of the best ‘internet data
conservative plan in Nigeria’
by Brainnews NG).
* Weekend plan: *473#, 500MB, N500.
* 4.5GB: @N3,500, 1 month, With unlimited access to
Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp & 2go .
* Weekend Plan 2: 1024MB (1GB), for just N100, dial
*474*1# to activate. Data Bal. Dial *140#. 
 Note: It can only be use on Weekends (Fri-Sun) and finally if it selects your
Airtel SIM, please try another, out of 10 SIMS two or more
may work for you.

I hope you find the most suitable plan for you. Enjoy!

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