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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

6 Important Factors to consider before Buy a new Smartphone

Purchasing a new Android smartphone can be more difficult than it sounds. With so many alternatives and different form-factors, it’s easy to get struck with a temporary decision paralysis, fearing you’ll make a wrong choice and end up with less than an ideal smartphone.

The mobile market is big. I mean, very big. Month in, month out, we constantly hear reports of newly released phones, soon to be released phones and hopefully to be
released phones. In as much as there are lots of phones in the market, you sure wouldn’t want to make a mistake of buying a phone you will later end up wishing you never did. If you’ve heard that experience, am sure you wouldn’t want to have it again.

6 Important Factors to consider before Buy a new Smartphone

1. make sure you have a list : A popular saying has it that
variety is the spice of life . So also, economics
has proven that human wants are unlimited. Due to the fact that there are numerous phones in the market, it is always nice to make a list of phones you’d rather choose from. See it as having a plan A, Plan B, Plan C.

Depending on what you actually look for in a smartphone, you can base your list on that. It could be design, camera, performance. There are lots of phones
these days that can fit in perfectly with those attributes. Hence, trust me, making a list is important. Come to think of it, how many times have you gone to shop for a phone hoping to buy a particular one only for you to return home with another?

2 Price

Whether we like it or not, the price is quite often the most important thing to consider before buying just about anything – including Android smartphones. You want to strike a balance between what you are willing to pay and what kind of performance and features you would like to get from the phone.
A great news is that very capable smartphones are now much cheaper than they were just a few years ago, so you don’t have to dig too deep in your pocket to get something that will be a pleasure to use.
Always decide if you want to buy the smartphone off contract, you if you would rather split the bill into monthly payments. Depending on your carrier, the latter solution can actually be quite advantageous. There’s also the option to buy an older device, as they usually are available for cheap prices.

Same spirit can work with smartphones. You can budget
buying a smartphone for around N30,000 and just
because you want with extra cash, you could probably end up buying a smartphone with N40,000. In other to avoid this, it’s really important that you set a price range and stick to the price range when making
a list of phones to choose from as stated in point one. Thanks to online retail stores , you can get an idea as to how much a particular phone cost which should further
aid you with setting a price range.

3. Performance

Nobody likes to use a slow phone that takes
forever to load a single web page or lags so much that basic tasks, such as sending text messages or using a built-in calendar, become a chore. Luckily, the days of ultra-slow smartphones are now behind us, and you can be rest assured that most mid and high range devices will perform flawlessly. Modern Snapdragon and MediaTek
chipsets can easily support heavy multitasking and play all latest games.
Things get a little bit trickier when you start considering low-end devices. Some
manufacturers are still too stubborn to recognize that 1GB of RAM just doesn’t cut it anymore. Always make sure that the smartphone comes with, at least, 2GB of system memory. 4GB is probably an overkill for most users.

4. Always Read Reveiws
thing I’ve come to realize is that most people don’t read online reviews of a smartphone before choosing to
buy. They tend to go with word of mouth and funny enough, some of these people advising customers to buy a particular phone, haven’t actually used the phone.
They probably must have seen the phone and maybe because of the design, you advise people around them to go get it.

Thanks to OEMs releasing phones lately with stylish designs. I mean, it’s very catchy. Our ladies love them but my dear, design and specs are two different things.
A phone could look very stylish. But performance could be below average.
Please, save yourself from stories that touch and take some time in reading online reviews of your list of phones before making a choice or making choices. I
understand there are lots of biased reviews online but then, there are still some unbiased reviews. Try to read from different sources before making a final decision.

5. Consider The Specifications very well:
This kinda relates to what we talked about reading reviews.

Now, you would agree with me that 80% of our ladies do not know what specs of a phone means. Most of the time, what they care about is the design of the phone as
well as the CAMERA.
I wouldn’t want to point out any name or model of a phone but there is a current trending phone with a beautiful design and really nice camera. But, performance (in my opinion) doesn’t meet up. During the course of multitasking within a short pace of time, I noticed much lagging.
Our ladies while on their phone, do quite a number of multitasking. Most 1GB RAM
phone these days, will at some point, lag when you are continuously multitasking. You will at some point, get tired of a phone when it begins to lag. In other to avoid
that experience too often, please look properly at the specs of the phone which includes processor, RAM size, camera and others before making a list.

6. Don’t Go Shopping Alone : Now, this is also important. Especially if you don’t have vast knowledge on the subject matter.

I recently shared a story of a man who went to the market to purchase an iPhone only to return home and
find a cloned Nokia phone with antenna.Read Full story Here
You wouldn’t
want to have such experience would you? So please, try to always go with someone who have knowledge about phones whenever you are going to shop for a smartphone.

This should just cover all the basics. Of course, there are other things you could put on your list of priorities, such as Processor, mobile 3G network, OS, wireless charging, and fingerprint
security, you can also take note of them too. If you adhere to given advice, am so sure that you end up with a device that will be a pleasure to use.

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