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Monday, March 21, 2016

Guys, See How i Enjoy Free browsing Everyday on Mtn with Psiphon

Despite the fact that we are in hard time and we are also Lacking Free browsing cheats for now. Anyway i have been busy Researching and looking for a way that we can enjoy free browsing on our android phone, even though we can't download large files with it, but at least we won't stay offline always. So i was able to come up with some tricks that can keep us moving until better free browsing tweaks comes.

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As we all know, i have been updating so many free browsing tricks via psiphon on this blog, starting from Mtn 0.0k cheat with the data-reset proxy server to the one of 0.0k cheat with the Jumia server and to the one of 0.0k cheat with the Kaymu server and the last one i recently posted #Click Here to Read…

The Facts about the Above Free browsing servers

Some of you might have used them to some extent and you noticed that it disconnects without connecting again that same day.

Here is what you should know about those proxy servers

The 0.0k cheat with Jumia Server is capped to 10MB daily, and the proxy server is or

While the 0.0k cheat with Kaymu server is also capped to 10Mb , 150mb or 200mb daily, the proxy server is

Then the new 0.0k cheat which i posted some hours ago See details Here, is also capped to 150MB Daily, and the proxy server is

Which means the Above servers are automatically renewed Every 24 hours, when one server stops working you will have to wait another 24 hours for it to connect again.

Summing the Amount of MB capped to each proxy server

Now when we Sum up the Megabytes capped to each server we will notice that the Estimated Mb should be about 200MB to 250MB Daily, which simply means we have about 200mb use Everyday with psiphon VPN.

Using the Proxy servers to enjoy free browsing Everyday

It Simple to use, i know many of you might have known the default settings for mtn 0.0k on psiphon , else click Here for Default settings

Now all you have to do is to be changing the Proxy servers anytime the current one you are using disconnects.

For example 'if you are using the Jumia proxy server and you have exhausted the capped Mb, just switch to Kaymu server and so on. But don't download any large file else you will end up exhausting Everything before 24 hours , but if you still need to download Large files like Games, movies, etc. Just use The Mtn Bis Capped at 5Gb with just N100

Hope you get where am going right? Just make use of the 3 proxy servers i provided and make sure u minimise what you do on the Net so that it will last.

So after using all the three proxy servers, count down to 24hrs from when you finished each MB capped on each Server

For example, if you used the Jumia mb first and it disconnected by 2:00PM, now count 24hours from that 2:00pm , which means it will be refreshed on your Sim the next day by 2:00pm. This is how you should be using it every day, though it stressful but it very simple because i confirmed it before posting it Here..

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