Is there a plan to wipe out human existence with floods?
This is happening few hours after 312 people were killed by mudslides in Sierra Leone and another 21 killed by flood in Bangladesh.
About 35 people are still missing and 39 injured as emergency workers scrambled to supply relief to areas devastated by the floods.

Torrential rains battered the low-lying region bordering India for three days early in August.

The government has sent helicopters to a dozen districts where people were desperate for food and clean drinking water, Ram Subedi, a home ministry spokesman, said.

“We have sent food packets to people because they have been without food for several days. We have also sent tarps, clothes and cooking utensils,” Subedi said.

“We have been distributing free medicines to flood-affected people for a week. We have also sent water purifiers to prevent water-borne diseases,” he said.

The Home Ministry said 26,000 emergency workers, including police officers and soldiers, have been deployed in flood-hit areas across the country.