The couldn't wait for the long arm of the law to catch up with the suspects - they wanted justice on the spot and they took it by force.
At least 30 persons are in police custody for alleged involvement in the burning of suspected kidnappers arrested at various dens across Lagos State.
The Lagos State Police Command confirmed the figure on Monday.
Kidnappers dens were discovered at Ajala, along the Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway on August 8 and at Ile-Zik at Ikeja on August 10 where 2 persons were set ablaze.
The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, Fatai Owoseni, confirmed the arrest of the suspects.
They were arrested at Ile-Zik and Ajala after they refused to heed to appeals by the police to disperse.
Owoseni added that he also appealed to the suspects that attacked and injured security agents carrying out their official duties to stop the act, but they refused.
“We have in our custody 30 suspects that were picked from these places and they will be arraigned today, Monday, for disturbing public peace and attacking police officers on duty.
“It will no longer be bark alone now, but we will also bite.
“As we arraign the suspects, we are emphasizing that security agencies will no longer fold their arms and let the people turn the command to a lawless place.
“We are also appealing to residents that anytime they observe any suspicious movements or identify locations as a place for criminal purpose, please report to security agencies.
“We assure members of the public that complaints of no response and late response from emergency numbers will be addressed.
“You can also reach senior police officers through distributed numbers.

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“We will ensure that any suspect on whom information is given will be investigated diligently and prosecuted with good evidence, “he said.
The CP, however, appealed to members of the public that the police needed vital evidence for successful prosecution.
“We need vital evidence and witnesses to testify like they did in the case of Ajala.
“Anyone that has been a victim of rape or any attack should please show up so that we can put the evidence together for a successful prosecution,” he said.